Sunday, November 30, 2008

Patriots :(

UUUGGHHH....what a game I can't even talk about it...................

christmas decorating :)

Patriots vs. Steelers

PLEASE let the Patriots win this game!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really don't want to have to listen to "people" talk stuff about how ehemm..good the steelers are. When we ALL lmow that the PATRIOTS are the better team by far :)

So Saturday I worked the morning at the post office it is getting so much busier because of Christmas!! But I love that busy time it gets me more in the Christmas mood :)
After work I went to Greenwood to meet with Bobby and Amanda met me there we were all gonna go to BJ's to look around but Bobby ended up staying at work to work on lil Bobby's truck, it is looking really good and now he found out that it still needs a bunch of front end parts to!! Lil Bobby's truck = $ Money Pit $ It will be really nice though when its finished.
So Amanda, Karen, Rob and I went shopping for the day OMG I saw the COOLEST Ed Hardy sweatshirt that I LOVE!! I would never in my life pay $200.00 for a sweatshirt even if I was rich...which I am most def. NOT! haha but anywhooo its nice to dream lol j/k its just a stupid shirt.
I had fun shopping with everyone, then we brought Bobby Papa Gino's his favorite pizza. Went home and didn't do much watch some holiday movies :) :) the Santa Claus 2 I think it was.
Today we are supposed to set up the Christmas tree and all the other decorations, I might make spaghetti and meatballs if I ever get out of the house to go buy the ingredients. Do a few things that need to be done around the house, I have a list for Bobby :) love you hun...I ALWAYS have a list for him. He's the best <3

Friday, November 28, 2008


Worked all day today (black Friday) at the Post lines there.. SUPER boring day!

Its all good I got some shopping done...but not at work of course :)

I was going to go to BJ's tonight and just wander around to see what they have but I'm just to tired, maybe I'll attempt to get the tree down and maybe some decorations...or, maybe I'll hit the couch after I make my sloppy joes and do absolutely NOTHING tonight :)

Thanksgiving was a good day, we got up and went to Dunkins..of course! Then we went to Janice's, she made me a squash pie :)
When we got home Todd was at the house to pick up his quad to take it out for the day with him and his family. We went to Karen and Dave's for dinner, she had it early so Melisa and I could eat before we went to work, it was soooo good and so much food :) Work wasn't to bad it had a few busy splirts but mostly I was sad all night thinking that it was the last night I would be working with Robin :( she starts her new job on Monday and I am so unbelievably sad about not working with her anymore. Her mom sent plates of turkey dinner up to the hospital for all of us she is so awesome ((THANK YOU MARILYN )) we had turkey and all the fixings and salads and rolls yummmmmm.
It was almost time to leave for the night and Robin picked up one more call and I said my goodbyes to her and of course I started crying I hate that I can't hold in my emotions!!
So that was my Thanksgiving 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

what day is this again??

Fun Fun we made gingerbread houses and uhhhem...boxes last night :)
I love when the kids still do this kind of stuff with me, when they were little we ALWAYS did little crafty stuff. Even lil Bobby made one!! Its so funny that we still say lil Bobby and he is taller then his dad.
Melisa had to work so she didn't make one, although I'm not so sure she would have wanted to??!! She doesn't seem to be into that kind of stuff but you never know with her :)
So I worked in the morning yesterday till about 10ish then came home and did some things around the house(( wrapped gifts shhhh don't tell anyone because I said we were not doing gifts this year)) Amanda don't read that part ok??
I went to a meeting at work and Amanda met me at the hospital and we went to the Millbury Mall to get some ..things... Amanda and Rob came out for dinner and then we made the houses.
Today I worked a few this morning not very long it wasn't even worth me getting up early not much mail at all today typical Wednesday though, it gets me up and going for the day when I get up that early and now I'm going to try and do a lot of stuff thats needs to be done around here today! no dvr no dvr no dvr no dvr no dvr no dvr HAHAHA
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! YAYAYYYYY I love TURKEY

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Tired...... :)

Sunday I slept a little late till about 9 that is VERY late for me :), Grampa showed up with coffees from D&D :) :), I watched football before work, Got to work and it was soooo busy we had to call someone in to help and thank goodness someone came in on a Sunday. For some reason I didn't mind how busy it was though, hmmm could it have been because the Patriots were KICKING BUTT!!!! HELL YEAAAAAH if you didn't know now you know((THE PAT"s WON 48-28 WOOOOO-HOOOOO)) so it was all good at work. Then the third shift person called in sick so my boss begs us all for someone to stay and do a double as it just so happens I didn't have to be at work in the morning at the other job and I didn't have to go in till 2pm Monday so I said, if you give me the day before Thanksgiving off I will work the overnight and he said yes soooo I did it and I didn't stop the whole night!! I am so exhausted and I only could sleep for like 3 hours when I got home this morning because it wasn't dark out.
So now I'm up and getting ready for work again, I feel like my life is that movie Groundhog day! LOL

Oh...Amanda made a BLOG!!!!!! yayayyyyyyy

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday 11.22.2008

Well its Saturday and I worked the Post office this morning and am working at the hospital tonight, I think this is the last time I will be working with Robin on my weekend because she got a new job and I'm gonna miss her like crazy!!

Bobby is pulling the frame on lil Bob's truck today at work and they are going to put the exhaust on it I am hoping that they get most of it done in one day so he can start driving it soon.

So its getting really cold around here like in the teens cold! Man do I HATE winter I would like to live someplace where it is spring like or fall like temps all year round no hot summer and no cold winter, anyone know of a place like that???

Amanda is taking her MTELS this morning can we ALL please please say a prayer for her to do well on the test and pass it??? ( I Love you Amanda Sue ) :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Amanda and Rob are coming over for dinner :) :) :)

I'm just sitting here waiting for them to get here.

So I talked to Linda last night and she was telling me about her Thanksgiving plans and everyone is going to her house, that makes me soooo happy for them because they are all so lucky to have so much family all so close together..even if it gets stressful sometimes there is nothing like your family and no one is gonna love you like your family!! I hope they all realize that and are thankful on thanksgiving day for each other. It also makes me sad, ( for me) I miss them soooo much and wish I could be with them on the holidays. I will be with my hubby and kids and I am so thankful for all of them they are the best, we will be spending the day with Bobby's family and they are all awesome so we will have a great day, Melisa and I have to go to work that day so we will also get to spend time with out friends :)

If I could have a wish come true then Debbie and Linda would come and visit me TOGETHER and we would go and pick up Patty and even David :) and spend the whole day together and talk about old times and all the new things going on in our lives. We would start fresh and put the past in the past...where it belongs!!

WOW I have know idea where all that came from,
So ....hopefully Amanda gets here soon, I'm hungry :)

friday :)

So yesterday I had a day off :)

I went to Greenwood and got my snow tires put on my car they are so nice I just hope I'm ok without 4-wheel drive~~> fingers crossed :)

Amanda met me there and we went out to a bunch of places checking out Christmas stuff, then we went to get Bobby lunch at John and Sons his favorite Amanda and I got Subway but I ended up giving mine to Bobby's sister. I went home and made Supper to bring to Karen and Dave's because Bobby was working late and helping the put a wall up in their apartment, I came home around 9:30pm and Bobby got home around 11pm, Amanda ended up sleeping at home to but she got here to late and I didn't get to see her :( We bought a gingerbread house kit while we were out and we r gonna put it together next time we get a day off together, lil Bobby said he wants to help us WOW that was a shocker but I'm glad.

Friday morning work at the PO for a few hours in the morning, home to do bank book and clean a little and laundry, back to work in the afternoon 2-5 then the weekend!! :)

To bad I am working this weekend

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday

So I have to work both jobs Tue+Wed bummer that means leaving the house when its dark out in the morning and everyone is sleeping and coming home from work at night when its dark out and everyone is sleeping! UUGGHH
I really need to find one job and work one shift!
That will pretty much be my mid week, Lil Bobby wants me to "help" him drive his new /used truck to where dad works because it needs the frame pulled a smidge haha so that means doing it kind of sort of illegally through the back roads of town, I am such a rebel haha NOT the only thing is that dad will think we are crazy to do that and probably get mad about it but if we get there safely...(no po-po seeing us) then he won't mind. So that will be my big adventure.Woo-Hooooo
I'll let ya-ll know how it goes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow tires!

So... this will be my first winter since 1989 without having a 4 wheel drive vehicle!!

I went out and bought new snow tires for my Jetta yesterday I am so scared to drive in the snow without 4 wheel drive and I'm usually not afraid of ANYTHING!! GRRRR haha especially when it comes to driving. I really love my car and I don't want to ruin it in the crappy winter but I wanted a Jetta so bad now I have to see how it goes in the winter, Bobby said he will buff it in the spring because I'm afraid that when the ice freezes on the paint it will dull the paint??? I don't know but I have confidence it WILL get me through the snow storms at 11pm to get me home safe!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boring day~~~ Good TV night :)

So its Sunday and we didn't really do much. I got up and fixed a problem at the Post Office. Went and got us Dunkins, came home did some laundry.

Then we went to Greenwood to pick up Lil Bobby's parts that were painted.

Took a ride to Wrights Chicken Farm and I loved it but Bobby hates it there and was miserable so he really ruined my time but Oh well, at least I got to pig out on awesome chicken :) :)

Next time I just won't invite him to come with!

Now I'm just watching the TV and a lot of good shows are on tonight and football is on also!

Bed early and do it all over again this week........ :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We had a special "Passport Day" at the Post Office today :)

We had a lot of people come in for passports and it was busy the whole morning so it went by really fast!!

I went to Greenwood to clean my car inside and out, I played with Jake there for a while, hung out upstairs in Karen's apartment for a while, they are doing over the floor and it going to look really nice :)

Bobby painted a bunch of parts for lil Bobby's new truck the bumper and fender and stuff..what a good dad he is!! :)

We took a ride to Master Hobbies to get a few parts for the r/c car, then to Hot Dog Annie's.

Then took a ride to Wal-mart for a few more things.

Finally got home around 8pm.

Now we are watching a movie Category 7 the end of the world

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 11-14-08

I went to work this morning at the Post Office, got home around 11:30ish.

Did a little cleaning around here. I am so sick of cleaning this house I think I'll hire a maid, work a few more hours a week to pay for it haha.

I got 2 new netflix movies today both thrillers about the end of the world!! MUAHHH <--scary noise)

I am thinking I'm gonna ask Bobby to go to Wal-Mart with me tonight I need a few things... like slippers that I just bought the other day that Amanda took from my house last night!! And now its cold and rainy out and my feet are cold because I can't light the stupid fire because the maul is to heavy for my weak old lady shoulder!! Grrrrr can you tell I'm not in the best mood today?? :)

So yesterday I found out that I didn't get the job I applied for at the hospital that would have been more money less work and better hours, My best bud Robin got the job and I am soooo happy for her but totally sad and depressed that I will lose our friendship that we have at work. I am going to miss her sooooo much and it is NEVER the same when someone leaves you always say you will keep in touch but life happens and you never do.

So this wasn't the happiest posting but all in all my life is good and I am so thankful for what I have and for my family and my friends and I'm going to post something happier tomorrow

:) :)

what a game......


what a game that was :(

Thursday, November 13, 2008

day off!

So its Thursday and I finally have a day off and wouldn't you know it I have a headache! I am drinking a ton off coffee and hoping that will tale it away :)

Plans for the day,
clean the house...some of it haha
go to wal-mart..of course
bake something chocolate!
make supper

Fun day off!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For all the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS fans out there!! :)

November 12,2oo8...thinking of Christmas ..already :)

So I am still not feeling good but I'm still going to work tonight. :(

I think I might buy a lottery ticket tonight!

I FINALLY get a day off tomorrow wooo-hoooo I might clean my very dirty car, I really need to find some snow tires for my car or decide if I'm just going to get a "minta winta" car to drive. Maybe it will never snow this year that would be GREAT!

So Bobby now takes Jake to work with him everyday so I am no longer actively trying to find a home for him as he is not alone all the time YAYYYY! I do love my Jakeeeee

I started to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and it is getting me in the mood to put up the tree...ya I know its early but I just love the decorations.
Well its about time to get ready to go to work...aka HELL!! j/k I really don't want to go there tonight though

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sampson July 1994 ~~ October 2008 <3

We Love and miss you Sampson <3

Tuesday November 11, 2008

So I finally had a little time to post some pics, I don't really have any on my computer anymore and I might be getting a new camera :)

First, Bobby and Josh this Halloween going to Amanda's big party haha I can not believe he dressed up like that!

When Sean came for a visit from Arizona with his G/F Christine, who is so nice :) Amanda and Rob wanted us all to go to Fire and Ice a restaurant in Providence RI it is so cool you pick what you want to eat out of every kind of food you can imagine and they cook it right in front of you however you like it cooked. It was a lot of fun and even Lil Bobby came with us!! So there are a few pics from that and the one of the drink is my "drink" haha everyone thinks I'm a dork because I don't drink, it was only water.
So things have been just same stuff diff. day pretty much.
Florida was AMAZING!! I love Disney and wish I could go every year. I'm still not to sure that Patty even liked it but she said she had a good time. I'm gonna post some pics from Disney very soon :)
We had to put Sampson to rest on Halloween and we all miss him soooo much he was part of our family for 14 years! We love you Sampson and we know you are STILL watching over our family :)
So I worked this morning and now I'm home for a few hours then back to work tonight till 11pm BLAHH!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

wow where have I been!!

Yes its been a while but I'm gonna start writing again I promise :)

I am going to work today so I will write tomorrow :)