Sunday, April 26, 2009

front tire

finished ....... I hope LOL

Friday, April 17, 2009

70 degrees today :)

It was so nice out today! I went to work this morning till about 10 and came home and spent the whole day at home!! I read a little outside, did a little laundry, played outside with Jake a little. Bobby came home after school and picked up Jake to bring him to work with him he was soooo happy, Big Bob brought the Harley to work today so Jake couldn't go with him :( he was sad.

So Bobby and I went into Holden to drive by a house that we are looking at, The owner and the realtor happened to be there and they had just gotten done showing it to some other peeps, so they said we could come in and see it. I liked it the inside was all renovated, the outside was kind of crappy but its the inside that matters to me, There is a 3 car garage that has a bathroom in it and a drain already built into the floor it was insulated and heated!! Needless to say, Bobby LOVED it.

Bobby has been doing a lot of work on his Deuce and it looks so good! I am adding a few pics of it :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009 funnn day! :)

Easter 2009

This was a great Easter, first I was supposed to work and one of the kids asked me if I wanted him to work for me!! DUH are you kidding me lol.

Grampa had a Heart attack this week and was in the hospital for a few days and he ended up coming to our house for dinner and it was so good to have everyone here, Bobby and I, Amanda, Melisa, Bobby,Rob, David, Karen,Chris, Jess,Timmy,Jake, Rue,Chayce, Nia and even Bobby's G/F Meg came over later that night. I LOVE having family around me ex specially on the holidays!!

We had a ham dinner and lots of goodies to go with it we just ate and ate all day haha I love it!!

On Monday Patty and Chris invited us over to her house on Monday for dinner, we all went except Melisa, she had to work that day. It was so awesome to get together with them we never get to see each other with her working third shift!

?? where were these pictures taken ??

who can tell me where these pictures were taken?


I just love taking pics of my Jetta :)
Its a beautiful spring day in Massachusetts and it seems the weather is going to get even nicer in the next few days... time to start motorcycle riding soon

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This was a good weekend for the most part,
Saturday was pretty uneventful I worked at the Post Office in the morning and came home and hung out most of the day and watched tv and hung around the house.
Sunday we went for a bike ride to NH it was sooo ccccold its a little early for the bike for me!
Melisa and David got a new puppy today and her name is Nia so so so cute!!