Sunday, March 29, 2009

last one for now :)

a few more pictures of the house

almost time to move on

can't wait to start making new memories

and taking new pictures :)


Some of the things I will always remember are the trees we grew for mom and dad in 1996 and in 1999, The chalk drawings in the cellar from when the kids used to play down there, the trees all around the rocks that the kids always climbed on when they were little, the trees are all so big now almost hiding the rocks, The kids used to roller blade and ride their bikes all around on the first floor! It had to be one of the coolest houses to grow up in!



There will never be so many memories at any other house that we live in but we will still make great memories wherever we go they will just be different kind of memories with a lot of new people and new family and new friends :)

Leaving Oakham??

So some people have come to look at the house and they came back for a second look but we have not heard anything yet. I kind of wish I knew what we are going to do or where we are going to go when we leave there, I think about it a little more each day as I look at things around the house inside and out and think, this will be the last time I ever see this or that, that was our last winter ever at our house, I try to take it all in so I will never forget any of it and I can't even imagine anyone else ever being in my house or looking out my windows and hearing the birds that are on my roof every morning tapping or singing for the last 18 years....

the rest of the week we pretty much just hung around the houses, one day Amanda Rob and I wet to the outlet stores in Anthem :)

Rob got Amanda a pair of Oakleys there.
I took a ride with Debbie to Old Town Scottsdale and got a few things there for the house :)
We got lost on the way there it took us like and hour and a half to get there but only a half hour to get home!! HAHA it was fun though.
Al took Amanda and Rob to all the stadiums one morning...Rob is into that kind of stuff lol they didn't make me go yay. they did the football, baseball, basketball, and hockey stadiums.
Sunday Linda had cookout it was our last day there and they had steaks and baked potatoes(Amanda's favorite!)
It was a great vacation and I miss everyone so much already, I better start watching them cheap flights for the fall or winter months :)

So the ride home from CA was very long, in the morning we went out to breakfast and then we went to Seal Beach they were filming a movie there so we didn't stay there, to many people and cars and equipment! We went to Huntington Beach and hit a few stores and Starbucks and the pier, we saw surfers and a couple dolphins in the water! SO COOL! we started back home around 3pm and the traffic was horrible! I drove all the way till we hit the Arizona line and then Rob drove for the last 100 miles or so. My eyes were so tired by then I was really glad that he offered to drive. We stopped for gas in Anthem and to clean the bugs off the windshield and when Rob got out to clean it his very expensive Oakley glasses fell out the door and he didn't notice so they were lost :(

its been to long!

So I have been on this thing for s long I will just update what I can remember, First off the trip to AZ was AMAZING! I had so much fun and there was almost zero stress! We went to the Grand Canyon and Linda came with us, it was so pretty there it was kind of crowded there I was surprised probably because it wa spring break. I just love going there it is so cool how you drive up this road for about 60miles and there is nothing but desert and then BAM the grand canyon is at the end of it, it was a beautiful day when we got there hot and sunny :)

The next day we got up about 9ish and drove to California Me, Linda, Amanda and Rob. It was such a long ride we didn't get there till about 4pm, we stopped at Denny's for breakfast and stopped a BUNCH of times for cigg. breaks!! WINDA-WOO! she wanted o smoke in the car!! EEEWWWWW

When we got to Cali we went to Greg and Jamies house we went for a walk around their neighborhood, it was so nice out. CA is perfect for weather but not so perfect for how many people and cars are there! OMG it was awful on the highway. Jamie cooked us dinner :) and after we played a little wii bowling, then we went to downtown Disney and got some souvenirs, we got to see fireworks YAYYYYYY my favorite.

When we got home to the Senecals everyone was kind of tired (except Linda) lol she wanted to PARTY!! Amanda Linda and Rob all slept in the camper and I slept in the house, I just couldn't sleep in a camper....I am so difficult!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday Amanda :)